WaterJet Cutting


At Jack’s Machine Company, we offer water jet cutting services for the production of parts in prototype to high volume. With our multi-axis cutting capability, we can create everything from 2D forms to complex 3D shapes in a single operation while upholding a high degree of precision. Our powerful water jet cutter is suitable for virtually any material, including the hardest alloy steels, and it produces smooth edge finishes that often need no further treatment. During water jet cutting, the workpiece does not heat up, so warping and work hardening are never an issue. Our water jet cutting services are competitively priced, and we offer fast turnaround and on-time delivery.


Inside our water jet cutting department, we create high-tech parts for use in aerospace, medical, defense, and other demanding applications. Along with metals and alloys of all types and grades, we water jet cut parts from thermoplastics, ceramics, carbon fiber, and other non-metals, such as fiberglass, Mylar laminates, acrylic carbon fiber, and others. We have the capacity to cut thin gauge sheet as well as plate measuring up to 6.0” in thickness. A large table size of 6.0’ x 12.0’, narrow kerf cuts, and nesting software enable us to maximize material utilization, and smooth edge finishes within tolerances as close as ±.005”, reducing or eliminating the need for secondary operations.


The versatility of water jet cutting technology allows us to create dimensionally accurate workpieces from any material, thick or thin. Whether a project involves hardened metals or specialty composites, we produce parts with finely detailed features that exhibit a high caliber of quality. Our automated, programmable water jet operations run for long periods without any intervention, which allows us to achieve a high rate of production efficiency. To tap into our expert water jet cutting services or any of our other precision manufacturing capabilities, contact us directly.

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