Small Hole EDM


As EDM specialists, at Jack’s Machine Company small hole EDM drilling is one of our strengths. With our lineup of fast hole drilling EDM equipment, we can accurately produce holes as small as 0.013” in diameter or as large as 0.25” in diameter. We can place small, tight tolerance holes in close proximity and drill to depths of up to 50x the diameter, up to a maximum of 14.0”. Low machining forces permit the drilling of holes on angled or curved surfaces as well as in delicate areas. We produce holes that are exceptionally straight and completely free of burrs.


With EDM hole drilling, we programmatically control the diameter, depth, and placement of holes to produce patterns and sizes that would not be possible with conventional drilling techniques. We can easily drill through hard, high strength alloys as well as softer metals, such as aluminum and copper, without creating any chips or burrs. Examples of metals we small hole EDM drill include Inconel, carbon and stainless steel, alloy steel, molybdenum, precious metals, and superalloys. We have the equipment capacity to handle workpieces measuring up to 12.0” long x 8.0” wide x 20.0” high.


Companies in many demanding industries leverage our small hole EDM services. From aerospace, medical, and tool & die parts to those in used applications within the automotive, automation, communications, robotics, and semiconductor industries, among others, we have a great depth of experience drilling holes with critical tolerance requirements. We handle prototype projects as well as those that involve high production volumes, and our turnaround time is very swift. To learn more about our small hole EDM drilling services or to request a quote, contact us directly.

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