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As an authority in wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) at Jack’s Machine Company, we consistently produce high-value parts for demanding industrial applications. We operate the largest EDM shop in New England and work around the clock to provide our customers with precision EDM parts that conform to the most challenging standards for quality. With our arsenal of 15 wire EDMs, we have the capacity to manage projects of any size or technical complexity. Our staff has strong analytical skills and is very experienced in all aspects of EDM programming and set up, which allows us to tackle projects with the most challenging design criteria.


Our EDM department houses multi-axis EDMs with fine wire and EDM drilling capabilities. We uphold the maximum level of precision when creating parts from conductive metals, including the hardest and most difficult to machine exotic alloys. Our largest capacity machine features a 33.0” long x 20.0” wide x 16.0” deep work envelope. Without an EDM, some parts would be impossible to machine, but with our EDM capabilities, we can produce intricately detailed shapes, cut at odd angles, make sharp corners, form delicate contours, and machine thin walled features and internal tapers. CNC operation enables us to attain a very high level of repeatable accuracy – we uphold tolerances as close as ±.0001”, create surface finishes as fine as 8 μin. and produce smooth, burr free edges.


Whether a project consists of one-of-a-kind die sets, a small volume of precision parts, or scaled up production of high-value parts, we have the resources to accommodate any request. We offer fast turnaround times and have an excellent track record for on-time delivery. As a precision manufacturing company, we emphasize quality at every stage of production to ensure parts conform exactly to customer specifications. To learn more about our wire EDM capabilities or any of our other services, contact us directly.

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