Laser Marking

& Engraving


With our fiber laser engraving system, Jack’s Machine Company is prepared to manage all of your direct part marking needs. We leverage our laser marking and engraving system to add permanent information that identifies an item for total lifecycle traceability. Our laser marking capabilities enable us to provide clear markings, such as serial numbers, lot numbers, unique identifiers, barcodes, logos, and other images, graphics, and data that retain their legibility, even when exposed to challenging environmental conditions.


As a non-contact marking method, laser marking does not alter the surface quality or affect the precision or integrity of a part in any way. We engrave text, symbols, and graphics on flat, curved, or irregular surfaces and create fine markings that are permanent and durable. Lasers produce dark-colored marks on steel and stainless steel or a white mark on colored anodized aluminum. Other materials we laser mark include brass, carbide, and titanium. We can add micro-sized text or symbols measuring up to 6.0” high x 6.0“ long, our maximum engraving depth is .010”, and we can also engrave reverse images and lettering inside mold cavities.


Federal laws and regulations stipulate that parts found in automobiles, aircraft, military equipment, medical devices, electronics, and many other critical products contain information for tracking and traceability. Laser markings also aid in product authentication, add essential information about certifications, and facilitate record keeping throughout the supply chain and in the part’s end-use application. With our laser marking capabilities, we handle small orders as well as high volumes of parts, including those that need serialization. Contact us directly to learn more about our laser marking capabilities or to get a quote.

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