CNC Machining


At Jack’s Machine Company, we offer CNC machining services for the production of close tolerance metal parts. As part of our core service offering, we have the ability to produce components with the most technical and precise quality criteria. By combining our engineering and machining capabilities, we can manage the progression from prototype parts to production level manufacturing. Quality-driven, we take extreme measures to ensure parts conform exactly to customer specifications. We also plan and schedule work to meet strict production deadlines.


The CNC machining area of our facility incorporates three-axis mills with a work envelope that allows us to produce dimensionally accurate parts as large as 30.0” in length x 10.0” in width x 12.0” in height. We take data directly from CAD files to program our CNC machines to obtain maximum efficiency by minimizing set up times, optimizing cycle times, and reducing tool wear. This enables us to produce consistent, accurate results, meet our deadlines, and keep the unit cost as low as possible.


Our machining staff is experienced in producing tight tolerance parts from all types of metal, from aluminum and alloy steel to exotic and precious metals such as Monel®, Inconel®, platinum, and many others. By paying attention to every detail, choosing the right tools, and optimizing feed rates and cutting speeds, we uphold manufacturing tolerances as close as ±.001”.


With our machining expertise, we produce high-value parts for demanding industries. Along with aerospace and medical device components, we machine parts for the tool & die, firearms, robotics, semiconductor, and other markets with critical quality requirements. We are knowledgeable, experienced, and committed to providing parts that exhibit the highest standards of excellence. Contact us directly for more detailed information about our CNC machining capabilities or request a quote.

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